“Yet no matter how many decades he managed to terrorize Libyans, today the grandchildren of Omar Al Mukhtar have woken up and smelled freedom. I am the daughter of Libya and the daughter of a martyr (who was murdered by Gaddafi’s coldblooded regime). I am proud that my father died an honorable death. Tomorrow, by God’s will, I can see the children of Libya living in greatness so I can lift my head up high and say: I am a Libyan, I am a Libyan!”

♥ ليبيا حرة, NΣϴϞο ᵻΣN÷NNΣ, Free Libya ♥

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Kaf, Ha, Ya, ‘Ayn, Ṣad. — Qur’an 19:1


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Photo Creds: Gareeb Qadri

Aleppo, Syria: An injured man cries while his children are treated in hospital for serious injuries Photograph: Javier Manzano/AFP/Getty Images

ya Allah

The sign reads: ‘The Palestinian Martyr : Sarah Al-Dalu‘ 
Today was the first day of the Gazan schools after 8 days of war. Sarah was killed along side 10 of her family members (mother , father , sisters , brothers and aunts) when the Israeli Army targeted their home that collapsed over 14 members of the Al-Dalu family.
This photo brings memories from my own childhood, we had similar themes in my elementary school, where each one of us was asked about our ‘dead or alive’ parents, and I can’t help but think of children with no childhood.

Blood leaks from under the door of the al-Shifa hospital morgue in Gaza City on November 20, 2012. Two cameramen from Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV were among six people killed in Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip, raising Tuesday’s death toll to 20, a Hamas spokesman said.
[Credit : Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images]

Mohammed al-Khoudry, a Palestinian farmer

133 Palestinians and 5 Israelis have been killed in the latest round of violence which started on Wednesday after Israeli soldiers shot Palestinian boys while they were playing soccer, one of whom was 13-year-old Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa. At least 27 of the dead were babies and children.

One Israeli strike on Sunday killed 12 Palestinians in the same house: four small children and five women including an 80-year-old all from the same family were among the dead [graphic].

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